Annual Summary Reports

Field notes

A year marked by COVID-19

September 25, 2020 – The QS project was severely scarred by the COVID pandemic. COVID-19 has hampered our activities significantly and has forced us to reorganize our work. Nevertheless, we were able to complete the qualitative phase and begin the reflection about the next steps.

The QS team is mourning the death of one of its beloved team member

April 20 2020 – Three weeks ago, the QS team lost our beloved colleague and friend, Linda Shipaluk.

She passed away on April 7th 2020, and the news has had a profound impact on us all. It is very difficult to find words to express our grief at the loss of our friend. We extend our sincere sympathies to Linda’s family and loved ones in Kuujjuaq, Montreal and beyond. 

Today’s Nipivut show is very special and important to us. It honors the memory of Linda. We would like to thank the Nipivut team for this tribute, and to have given us the opportunity to publicly express our deepest condoleances.

Under these circonstances, you can all understand that the project has slow down its activities, as we are still grieving the lost of our beloved colleague.

But in loving memory of Linda, we will continue working hard for the urban Inuit community. We know this is what she would want us to do.

First year completed….

March 1st 2020 – The first phase of the project is coming to en end. Over the past 12 months, we have met over 40 Inuit living in 4 different cities in Southern Quebec. We have collected opinions, ideas and comments, and listened to experiences and stories.

Big success for our community meeting

June 1st 2019 – Our first community meeting, which was held on June 1st, was a success. Thanks to everyone who came to meet us and shared their point of view. Now, let’s get rolling! (Photo credits : Diego)

We talk about us

March 28 2019 – Our project director, Christopher Fletcher, was a guest at Nipivut radio show, on Tuesday, March 28th. You can listen the interview at the beginning of the show.

The importance of partnership

Our partner, Tina Pisuktie, talks about the importance of partnership in a community-based project.