About the project

The number of Inuit living in southern cities is increasing, with just over 27% of the Inuit population (17,695) now residing outside the traditional territories of Inuit Nunangat. However, in contrast to northern communities, where systematic health surveys have been undertaken repeatedly since the 1980s, very little is known about the health of Inuit in the south. The development of health services for Inuit in the south has been limited by a near complete absence of data on the health of the population.

The Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut (How are the people in the South?) health survey is a community-based participatory project that aims to describe the health and well-being of Siqinirmiut (southern Inuit). Our goal is to develop an understanding of health and well-being that is based in Inuit experience in order to effectively build the capacity to address community needs and support the development of Inuit-specific services.

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